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Perpetual Busy-ness

I wonder…do we ever stop and think about the impact our ‘perpetual busy-ness’ has on others?

I have always worried about creating an impression that I am ‘too busy’ to see my loved ones…or indeed them believing I am ‘too busy’ to make time for them. I continue to reinforce the message to those beloveds that their friendship and Love is important to me, so I am never ‘too busy’ to make time for them.

I have noticed, recently, how much more challenging it is becoming to make time for the people (and things) I enjoy…and the reason is because I have become much more busy lately, due to the impact of other people’s busy-ness!

Let me explain…I am spending a lot more of my time nowadays chasing people, chasing payments, sending out reminders, politely requesting things that have been promised or are needed to move a deadline driven project forward…and the response I receive too often is ‘oh sorry, I’ve been too busy…

We seem to have found ourselves in a culture of perpetual busy-ness…and it seems we are running round our own hamster wheel of busy-ness, apparently completely unaware of the impact it may have on others.

When did we forget that our hamster wheel is not a hamster wheel, it is a cog in a our community (work, family, friends, hobby) – and if one cog stops or slows down, there is potentially a knock on effect on the rest of the community…for us, it means more time spent on admin and less on developing the projects our members, and our community, expect.

‘We are stronger together’ is the phrase I used last week. Indeed, we are, especially when we remember we are part of a community or ‘team’ and we work together to strengthen that community and empower every cog to run smoothly.

Time is a precious thing…for all of us. So I am certainly becoming even more mindful of the potential impact I may have on others, when I am too busy. As my dad always said ‘treat others how you wish to be treated yourself’…so I hope others become a little more mindful of the impact their perpetual busy-ness is having too.

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