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Power Pause

I'm taking a Power Pause today.

What's a power pause, for goodness sake? Is it like a power nap? Or a power walk? Or even just a power cut?

Yes, it is a power cut...but unlike most power cuts this one is planned...apparently. The electricity board have to cut the power for a small chunk of the town, so they can fix something.

So, having determined there is going to be a power pause for at least 2 hours this morning, I started wondering what I could do instead...since, obviously, I can't work! After all, no electricity means no computer...or printer...or internet...or phone. So no Skype meetings or emails or conference calls or documents, spreadsheets or accounts...

Oh, how reliant we have become on technology, which is, of course power dependent!

So, what could I do instead?

Jumping immediately to 'play', (rather than work) mindset, I started off by thinking I could catch up with some box sets...but they are not downloadable. I could bake...until I get to the cooking part, because the oven is electric. I could read my Kindle...but I forgot to charge it! I could do the washing? Ironing? Watch some DVDs? Play some CDs? Not really - there is a serious flaw with my plans due to the power pause.

So...more thought required.

I'd like to pretend I could meditate...but seriously...for two hours?!? I might manage two minutes, if I really concentrate! But I could give myself some space and time to think, plan, mind map, develop ideas...or I could paint...or draw...or journal...or walk...or read (real books, not the internet news)...a proper little two hour holiday!!

What would you do if you had 2 hours without electrical power? You could discover all sorts of other powers that you may have forgotten about in this over busy, tech based world!

I think I might start taking regular power pauses.

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