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Precious Moments

So, I was supposed to be writing my blog first thing, just as I do every Friday morning...and then our lovely grandson, Edward, looked at me and with his gorgeously expressive eyes, said 'play with me'.

I know, that is my interpretation - he is only 5 months old so he's not really saying that!

And, it went through my mind how often I missed those moments when my own children were small. Tom is 30 and Daniel is 18 this week, so those moments with my own children have gone now...and they can never be reclaimed.

I was always busy when my children were young - show me any working mum who isn't me any mum who isn't busy!! There was work to do, meals to prepare, house to keep - I never quite had enough time to always do the precious moments with my boys.

So I took the time this morning to 'play' with my grandson, no regrets and no apology. My blog is late because I have learned that precious moments really are in the moment and cannot be reclaimed at a later date. The photo above is one of this morning's precious moments captured - such joy!

Please make sure you take time to enjoy those precious moments this weekend.

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