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Prefect Timing...

Has it really been two weeks since I last put pen to paper...or fingers to keyboard? I am so sorry, time flies when you're having fun...or working extremely long hours to meet a couple of really important deadlines (not including Christmas!).

Two weeks ago I wrote about there being light at the end of the tunnel...and here I am, having finally reached two huge milestones in the same week.

At last, after so much effort and so many promises, the new ANLP website has been launched. To say this has been a marathon is an understatement, although once we found the right web developer (after two false starts), the last few months have flown by...and more importantly the task became a joy rather than a dreaded project.

And today, after another pretty early start (!), I have just sent my book manuscript for the second edition of The NLP Professional off to the publisher. Again, even though I feel writing is not my strongest asset, this became a joy to do because I gave myself just enough time to pause and reflect as well as write (which was very different to the first edition!).

Both these projects have been on my 'to do' list for months, if not years. I could confidently state that between the two projects, I have experienced every emotion I thought possible...and discovered a few more!

Right now, though, as I write this, I will pause and reflect upon this time with immense gratitude for the never ending support from others, including Nic, Reb, Caroline, Nina, Gemma, Shannen, Reb and of course, my husband, Kash; the resources I had available to me, including my trusty laptop and two screens (thank you Daniel, for that suggestion); the peaceful early mornings - an opportunity to get so much work done before the work day starts; the welcome distractions and down time, mainly spent fulfilling Governor duties, singing or just being Nonna to our gorgeous grandson!

I have a tendency to move on quickly to the next thing, without properly celebrating it is fitting that these two accomplishments fall right before Christmas, a time to pause and reflect on the year before moving forward into 2020.

It all seems to have come together in perfect, divine timing!

Wishing you all a festive break that brings you everything you desire...and more.

See you in 2020 xx

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