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When I sat down at my desk at 7am this morning, I had very clear intentions and knew exactly what I was going to focus on first (my Peak Performance Formula training is working!) focus at 7am was to write my blog for today - easy!

So how come it is now 9:02am and I have only just started writing? What happened? per usual!

First of all, teenager gets up early (yes, I know, unheard of on most days)...but the new Monstercat collection had been released overnight so there was urgent business to attend to...which involved mum's debit card! To be fair, he had mentioned this the previous night and stated he was going to be up by 7:30, hence me being at my desk by 7am to write my blog - so I had already planned for this!

I didn't plan on the new collection being so good that he had to show it to me as soon as he saw it! So, the debit card was duly exercised, Christmas present purchased and I settled down again...

Teenager, having discovered that there is life before 7:30am, is now on a roll - 30 seconds later, we find ourselves reading through his completed UCAS application (which has been an iterative process over the last couple of months!), so it can be submitted.

Yay, another job done!

...and then there was another question or two (like "where's my shirt?") and the latest Monstercat music tracks to listen to before he finally got off to school this morning.

And do you know what, those were two of the most precious hours in my week - interacting with my teenage son and being able to prioritise the MOST important thing in my life - my family.

Ok, so my blog is late and I'm a tad behind with the other work things on my to do list for today - but at the end of my life, when I look back, I will be more grateful that I was able to spend 2 hours interacting with my teenager on a cold Friday morning before school...and I am so lucky to be able to do that.

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