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Punctuation Marks

So, having just about resisted the urge to sign up for every course/exercise class and training starting in September, I am now facing up to reality!

With my new art class and existing choir commitments starting in the next couple of weeks, plus University visits for youngest, baby shower for daughter-in-law and our grandbaby due in October, I'm wondering how I'm going to fit it all in!

...and what on earth was I doing all summer? After all...

I still have so much web content to edit, refine and write

...and work projects to move forward

...and the second edition of my book to write

...and half a baby hoodie to knit

...and a whole shelf of unread books

...and personal development CDs to listen to

...and box sets to watch

...and weeds to pull up and plants to cut back

...and Christmas to plan

Well, OK, maybe its a little early to think about planning Christmas, but I did see an advert for Santa's grotto yesterday and both Strictly and the X Factor will be starting next month, so there are signs to suggest the next time we pause for breath could be the Christmas break!!

...and its not even September yet!

I must have done some lovely things over the last few weeks. I certainly enjoyed the warm weather, took more time than usual to do my morning practices, extended the dog walks a bit and enjoyed listening to audio books whilst I walked. I also spent some time clearing out cupboards and clutter clearing filing cabinets and shelves...oh yes, and I completed a BIG work project, started another BIG work project and we pretty much finalised the conference programme for next year!

So why on earth do I find myself thinking that I have wasted time the last few weeks and beating myself up for not getting more done?

I think its simply because the holidays create more expansive time to do things, with less time restrictions and structure - I have a bit more flow in my life, simply because there are no punctuation marks in the day - no deadlines for school starting...or ending, no places to be for Explorers, Governor meetings, choir just flows a bit more easily!

I wonder how I can carry on that feeling of flow as the timetables kick in next week and activities fire up again after the summer break...

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