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Recipes for Success

Ahhh, so last week, I was caught out and royally failed to 'walk my own talk', 'practice what I preach'...and all those other idioms we know so well. One of the consequences was that I didn't write my blog last week...

So, whilst I advocate being prepared and even to expect the unexpected, I wasn't prepared for it being my turn to have the lurgy last Thursday night, resulting in my feeling very fragile on Friday morning!

I guess it proves a number of things...

- Yes, I really do write my blog on a Friday morning

- No, I don't have a number of ready prepared 'emergency' blogs

- Yes, there is a learning in every life experience

So, I spent a day or so beating myself up about my lack of foresight and preparation - after all, lack of preparation for one so organised is the equivalent of some sort of cardinal sin!

I then decided a better recipe for success this week might be a couple of tablespoons of self compassion, together with a teaspoon of self care and a big dose of sunshine. That seemed to do the trick and I'm back, feeling much better and ready for anything!

(Note to the Universe - being 'ready for anything' just means I'm feeling positive and able to cope with the huge amount of work piled up on my desk - it does not have to include plague, Boris Johnson or No Deal Brexit).

Onwards and least it's Friday!

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