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Reminders and Reflections

In 12 hours or less, I will be reunited with my beloved soulmate, after a whole week apart! I know, I sound like a lovesick teenager rather than a grown woman with 2 nearly grown up kids.

Its been an interesting week, even though I am well used to keeping busy by  juggling a number of different things simultaneously. So, what have I had the chance to reflect upon this week?

Well, I have reminded myself that:

  • I had forgotten just how much I could miss someone who is so important to me (I’ve not felt such a huge hole in my life since Tom left home when he was 22).

  • I do still have some culinary skills AND I can still burn things (I’m sure poor Daniel knew that anyway).

  • I can do a huge amount of Christmas shopping and wrapping when I’m focused…and I’m using it as retail therapy.

  • There are some very interesting programmes on Radio 5 Live at 3am

  • When I put my mind to it, I can get a really good morning routine going and still be at my desk by 8am…I’m going to keep that one up next week too.

  • Facebook is no replacement for connecting with a real person, but I do now understand why its better than nothing.

  • Being part of a couple is a real privilege – I know that having been on my own for a number of years…and its still good to be reminded of that fact.

  • We have all the resources we need to manage any situation…and we do the best we can with the resources we have available at the time (good old NLP Presuppositions!)

  • It’s all about Divine timing (a whole Christmas present plan grew from a chance meeting earlier this week).

  • I’m not the jealous type, at all…I’m perfectly happy with temperatures of-1oC whilst Kash has been enjoying a cool 28oC (thank goodness for heated car seats, is all I can say)!

It’s good to reflect occasionally…So, what nuggets of wisdom you have picked up this week…

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