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Repeating Patterns

Do you ever notice repeating patterns in your life? Maybe situations or people or emotions that pop up repeatedly?

I get very curious about repeating patterns – what is the learning in this experience? What did I miss the first time around that means I find myself in this situation or with this type of person again? What is the bigger picture here?

I am asking myself those questions again this week…how funny that last Friday, I wrote about it being time to stop, pause, breathe, take a break. Then on Saturday, Facebook reminds me that my blog the same week in 2016 was all about stopping to take a break!

On both occasions, I stopped for a few days to focus ‘on’ work rather than be buried ‘in’ work – I paused long enough to elevate, get an overview of projects and spinning plates…

So, I think my repeating pattern seems to be reacting to the first hints of spring by coming out of hibernation and ‘hitting the ground running’ as they say! And by wanting to do everything, all at once, I run into overwhelm very quickly!

The sun may be peeping out occasionally, the snowdrops and daffodils are blooming…and I may find that a great motivator after the dull winter days.

Even so, I do think that next time around, my learning is to pace and lead myself a bit more effectively…or maybe I just plan to have the first week of March off next year, so I can run all the checks and be confident that I am fully prepared to plant the seeds for the year!

Sometimes the learning is to go with the flow…

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