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Running towards success

Partly because I was project managing the house refurbishment last year, and partly because I was good at finding obstacles to my own success, I hung up my running shoes about 18 months ago.

So my body was as surprised as I was, when I was ‘encouraged’ to join the gym a few weeks ago. When I was running in the past, I ‘enjoyed’ the great outdoors, fresh air and uneven terrain…I’ve never been a fan of treadmills, so it was with some reluctance I stepped onto one.

I did make sure everything was in my favour to enhance the experience and ensure I was in the best frame of mind – running shoes, running playlist, 0 – 5K app…and horrendous rain outside, which helped me to feel better about staying warm and dry indoors!

Funnily enough I quite enjoyed my run, especially when I realised that even after 18 months, there was some muscle memory and I didn’t have to start the app at week 1 again!

This may be the third time I have decided to achieve a 5K, and what is great is that this time, I know I can do it…because I have done it before! Of course it is still a stretch for me (I’m not getting any younger!) and yet, by setting myself up for success and ensuring I was in the right frame of mind, I was more than 50% of the way to success before I even started.

I learn so much about myself when I am running, and so it was good to be reminded how easy it is to give myself a better chance of succeeding, just by preparing body, mind and environment. So now I have a better strategy for being the best I can be…with anything I do.

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