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Self Care Essentials

I am sorry I missed my blog last week (and nearly this week too), due to a minor back injury coupled with a chest infection…neither of which were part of my plans for January!

Sometimes, though, whatever we have in mind at any given time, the Divine / Universe / God has other plans for us.

  • Am I OK with this? Not very often!

  • Do I trust there is a bigger plan in place? Sometimes, when I am being very reflective and understanding.

  • Do I feel that this sort of thing is very testing, inconvenient and usually disruptive to the flow? Absolutely, yes.

…and isn’t that the point?

When inconveniences like this crop up and force a pause, isn’t there a reason? Could it mean that there is something going on in life that hasn’t been seen or heard, something that really wants to be noticed and will no longer stand for being brushed aside?

For me, one of the things I had brushed aside was my morning practice. Over Christmas, a lie in was far more tempting than yoga, breathing, meditation and dog walks at 6am!

And with a couple of very challenging work projects to focus on, getting back to work meant hitting the ground running and completely ignoring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual call to reinstate my practices!

So, with work mounting up and me in a bit of a physical state, I was feeling quite sorry for myself earlier this week! It took a dear friend to point out to me that actually, my morning practice is ‘essential‘ rather than ‘nice to have‘…OK, so I have messed up my back which means yoga and dog walking are off the table right now, but just going back to the breathing, meditation and oracle card reflections is already making a difference.

I don’t like being forced to stop and pause and yet I am truly grateful for the reminder that self care is essential.

However busy life gets, do look after yourself by keeping elements of self care in your daily life. You are just as important as everything else you put on your ‘to do’ list…well more so really, because without you, nothing on your list will get done!

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