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Social Connections

Whilst I am still feeling into the new year and taking time to listen before setting my intentions for 2019, I did make one decision over the Christmas give up social media!

It felt like a great decision at the time...I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

For starters, I was going to reclaim precious daily time in my life which was spent checking Facebook. I worked out that 15 minutes each day equates to over 91 hours a year, which is 11 working days a year...Time I could spend interacting with my friends and family rather than staring at a screen...or do more painting and creative art...or have more days off to spend with our grandson.

Other big gains included putting an end to...

  • comparing myself to others when my post isn't liked or I'm not tagged at an event.

  • feeling left out when I see others on a night out

  • feeling irritated at the daily minutiae and opinions that some of my 'connections' feel compelled to share on social media.

  • oversharing when sucked into the latest craze/round robin/quiz that wants me to share how many piercings I have or countries I've visited.

  • avoiding random purchases via FB adverts that seem to know exactly what I am missing in my life!

In other words, there seemed to be a lot of potential benefits to withdrawing from social media.

Spurred on by these benefits, I removed the social media folder on my phone - no more easy access to FB, Linked In, Twitter and Instagram...if I wanted to go on social media, I have to make the conscious effort to locate the app rather than click the home screen icon.

Then I started to see the extent of social communication that we now rely on via social media - nowadays FB is often the only place big announcements are made! What happens if I miss the announcement that my friend has got engaged or suffered a bereavement or got a new job and then upset them by not knowing? What if I miss the next singing workshop, rehearsal or food fair because I didn't see the notification? Do I stop writing my own blog as I can't actually share it with anyone now?

There has to be a third way, a compromise, a solution - a way of staying connected, following the new rules of social interaction via social media AND maintaining a healthy level of energy and time commitments.

So, this is one of my intentions for 2019 - to find a better balance between staying connected to others and caring for my own needs. Thank goodness I've got 361 days left to figure this one out!!

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