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Social Media…the perfect procrastination tool

I’ve discovered a fabulous new procrastination tool…social media! Shall I do the washing up…or chat on Facebook – that one is easy! Shall I carry on editing my book…or just tweet about doing it?

I’ve realised that I do need to put some ‘rules’ in place to manage my new found enthusiasm for social media – otherwise it could quite easily take over and become a really good procrastination tool. I can be very good (one might even say an expert) at discovering even better ways of putting off doing some of those more challenging things on my ‘To Do’ list and now I have found the perfect excuse.

So I am now applying my already successful time management rules to include social media:

  1. Prioritise – identify the three things I must do today and do them first – then I’ll have something to Tweet about!

  2. Impact – if I am going to ‘restrict’ my social media activity, then what I do needs to count.

  3. Focus – it is so easy to get distracted…follow this lead, pick up an interesting tangent – within minutes I can find myself reading about the plight of persian cats in Katmandu.

I have causes that I support, interests I want to pursue, people I want to engage with…and yet I still need to maintain a certain amount of discipline, or else I may find myself turning my new social media activity into a full time career!

Do I have time to send another Tweet now…I bet I can make time!

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