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Special Space

Another Friday…another blank page!

I have had such an amazing couple of weeks – my birthday was spent in Italy, followed quickly by our wedding last week…and all too quickly it was time to come home again.

Now I do Love my home and everything in it…including our cats and the scatty dog! So why do I feel like I’m coming back down to earth with a bump after such an amazing week away?

I suspect some of it is the apparent ‘mundane-ness’ of every day life. When on holiday, or even just in a country that is not the UK, everything is different – whenever I go away, I swap everyday questions, queries and interruptions for a sense of peace and harmony that only comes when I turn everything off!!

When I am away, I live in the moment and for the moment – I am fully present to what is happening because I have no phone calls, emails, social media, post or ‘to do’ lists to worry about.

…actually that is not quite true – I did still have ‘to do’ lists, but they took on a different meaning – they were purposeful and related to one off things, building up to our beautiful wedding…rather than the ‘usual’ tasks such as invoicing, laundry, tax returns!

So, I ask myself, how could I recreate that sense of presence and be in the moment more often now I am back?

Two things spring to mind:

  1. Create special space in my day where I deal with my perceived interruptions – phone calls, emails, social media etc…and then let them go so they no longer impact on my whole day.

  2. Reframe the ‘mundane-ness’ of some tasks because they are an important and probably  essential part of life! So I could make special time for those too, because they are the important elements that keep life ticking along!

So what if I were to create special times for interruptions and tasks and then allow the rest of my time to be special time for being present…for people, projects and just being!

At least I have another week to plan how this might work in practice whilst I’m away with my gorgeous husband next week…then let’s see how I get on for real.

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