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Stepping Up

My oracle card of influence for 2019 is 'Challenge' and part of the challenge I have been set this year is to 'step up'. In other words, be more willing to stand up and be seen or heard when required.

This is a real challenge for me because I tend to be more 'water' than 'fire', personality wise. Having a water like personality is still a strength - after all, flowing water can carve a path through rock!

Of course, water also has many different facets, depending on the temperature - it can be as hard as ice, free flowing or even vapourise into thin air...who would even know it was there when it does that!

So I've been asking myself how could I harness this model and apply it more effectively in my challenge to step up?

This week, I realised that I can already do this - it is innate within me, because I will step up, stand up, be seen, heard and felt when I have to defend my family against any sort of injustice...and still do it in a strong, flowing way, just like water...or be tough as ice, should the need arise!

So, if I can do this in one context, then I can do this in other contexts too...right?

With my NLP modelling skills, I can easily elicit the strategies I use when defending my family and apply these to other situations - now there's a fun project to try out over the weekend!

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