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Successful Teams

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

In my map of the world, teamwork is all about working together and supporting each other. Have you noticed how remarkably well this happens in nature?

Take geese flying in a V formation, for example. They fly this way for a reason – each goose creates uplift and reduces wind resistence for the goose flying immediately behind it. When the lead goose gets tired, it falls to the back and another goose takes the lead for a while…and so the cycle continues.

Research says geese can fly about 70% further by working together in this way, rather than flying alone.

I work a lot with consultants and freelancers and have noticed that the best, most sustainable and enjoyable teams always come from a sense of shared responsibility, mutual support and collaboration.

In successful teams, it is less about ‘I will tell you what to do’ and more about seeding an idea and then using the collective experience within the team to nurture and grow that seed until it is self sustainable…at which point, the team is able to release the fully grown plant/shrub/tree into the world so the fruits can be enjoyed by all.

And I would imagine the other thing the geese do really well, whilst on their journey, is to always focus on the outcome – in this case, arriving at their destination…together.

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