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Synchronicity when taking a Leap...

How funny…I wrote my blog last week then headed straight out to a Governors’ meeting at my son’s secondary school. Nothing funny in that except I had just written about ‘Taking a Leap of Faith’.

As I have said before, be careful what you focus on, because the Universe has a funny way of delivering just what you are thinking about (except when it comes to that pot of gold under the rainbow!).

I was reminded during the meeting that we are incredibly lucky to have a superb Head, who is willing to take a leap of faith himself and do things differently to shake things up and get results…and it shows, because of the great strides forward the school is making in a number of different areas.

…and if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the meeting, one of my colleagues, who was rather frustrated by lack of progress in one particular area, commented to me that we could make more progress ourselves (as Governors) ‘if only we would take a Leap of Faith’.

The synchronicity of his comment resonated with me, especially as this was my focus for the day; so we chatted for a few minutes more and decided it was time to do some shaking up ourselves…with the result that a week later, we are more motivated, focused and moving things forward with a particular Governor project…not bad for a team of volunteers, doing this in their spare time because they want to make a difference!

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