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Take a Break

Famous last words…

Taking at least a short break was my intention after the conference. Work had been so intense leading up to and during the conference, it seemed only right to heed my own

advice and plan some downtime… a pause at least!

Well, it seems the Universe had other ideas!

So now, two weeks on, the imagined (and desired) post conference peace and calm have yet to materialise…’stuff’ immediately got in the way of any plans to stop and do nothing for a while!

So, I find myself asking ‘how much could I have said ‘no’ to and looked after myself enough to ensure the planned pause became a reality?’ And I find my answer to be ‘well, nothing really’.

What does one do when friends and family request my time and attention due to crises that have arisen? What does one do when a successful conference coupled with IT challenges and post conference requests mean more work than intended to move forward? What happens when all the things I put off pre-conference now, quite rightly, wish to take their place at the front of the ‘priority queue’?

And as I sit here this morning, conscious of the fact I didn’t even have time to write a blog last week (due to busy-ness rather than taking a break), I do feel I have let myself down…and I’m not sure I have a definitive answer…yet, as to what I could do differently next time to ensure I give myself time to pause…

I pulled the ‘Wise Woman’ card this morning, so I will be drawing on her gentle energy as I reflect and ponder what I could do differently next time…

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