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Testing, Testing...

My life seems to have been consumed by testing at the much so that I forgot to write anything last week!

A few weeks ago, our delightful and dedicated web developer, Nic, gave us the instruction to"break the new website"! Now I know website testing can be methodical, logical, detailed, meticulous and, on occasions, tedious...especially for those of us who have a leaning towards the bigger picture! But reframing such an onerous task as an opportunity to break the website was all the permission we needed to have some fun along the way!

I confess, I have found the whole experience rather like simultaneously herding cats, pushing water uphill and trying to catch it...seriously, how many different directions can I get pulled in at the same time as actively searching for rabbit holes, cul-de-sacs to get stuck in and error messages?

This whole experience has become both a treasure hunt and a competition - what might I find if I lift this stone or peer around this corner or open this box? Who can read the most pages, set up the most user scenarios, test the most functionality.

With Nic as our conductor, guide and bug squasher we have become superheroes, striding out into the day (and night) on another mission...and when we started pulling this all together months ago, who knew there would be so many missions to undertake!

I am sure that even when we think we have exhausted every mission, squashed every bug and villainous typo, once the new site is launched someone, somewhere, will still manage to find something we missed...and thats OK.

We may be feeling like (tired) superheroes at the moment but we know this is just the beginning - the real fun starts when we come out from our bat cave and share with the real world...and whilst its not long to go now, I do have time to run another quick mission before breakfast!

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