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The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

I heard that phrase used yesterday, in relation to NLP training...which is, of course, true.

In my case, right here and now, the gift that keeps on giving to me is our gorgeous grandson, Edward, who is one today.

Was it really a year ago that this adorable bundle of happiness came into our lives and changed us forever? Where did that time go? What on earth did I do with my life before he came into it - I know the answer to that one because I'm still trying to do all that and make time for Edward too.

I could never have anticipated just how much Love I feel every day for our little Edward. It is different to having children - I knew that before he arrived because everyone told me that being a grandparent was fantastic...but knowing it and feeling it, every day, deep down in my heart and soul, are two very different things.

As a parent, I remember and still experience the ups and downs - the utter joy when they are happy and the depths of despair when they are something other than happy! But the responsibilities of parenting are different and I really didn't quite appreciate that until Edward introduced himself to us a year ago.

Its incredibly hard to put into words because it is just a feeling...and maybe it is because I can give him back, I don't experience the sleepless nights very often or the worries about whether he is developing according to whichever chart is currently in vogue.

There seems to be less worrying and more centred knowing with being a Nonna - is that because I am older and wiser or because I know Edward is in the safest hands anyway, so I can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Whatever the reason, I know, every day, that I have been given the greatest gift of all - the chance to be a grandparent...and for that, I am hugely grateful.

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