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The Key to Staying Focused

Its the end of January already...Brexit day for those who follow the politics, although Brexit appears to have been overshadowed by Megxit, which must have been a welcome distraction for the Government!

Talking of distractions, I have been unusually focused on setting my intentions for 2020...and despite a number of distractions popping up, I'm pretty much there with both personal and business intentions for the next 12 months.

There seems to be a groundswell of belief that 2020 is going to be THE year - THE year where things happen, changes occur, projects move forward and life takes a turn for the exciting is that!

The biggest challenge for me is keeping the momentum going throughout the year...the rhythm and flow that I personally need to stay on track and which I allow to be interrupted by so many distractions, shiny things and noise!

So how am I going to maintain the momentum, rhythm and flow this year? What is my secret to minimising distractions and shutting my eyes to shiny things? I think part of the solution is setting the right intentions!

Whilst setting my intentions for this year, I realised that one of the reasons I have allowed my attention to wander in the past is because deep down, I haven't been 100% committed for a number of different reasons - some I didn't believe I could achieve and more significantly, some I wasn't that bothered about because they weren't my intentions!

Those I totally believed in and owned did happen - the website was launched, I finished the book manuscript, we supported Daniel to get to the University of his choice, we held another successful conference and rebranded ANLP.

But...those I didn't have total belief in and ownership of, slipped by the wayside - I didn't pay off my mortgage, lose weight, have loads of holidays or buy a place in Italy...

So I think the key for this year is to take 100% ownership of my intentions because if I believe them and commit to them, I will stay focused and keep taking the steps forward.

2020 is going to be THE year!

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