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The Meaning of Personal Development

I’ve not exactly had the best start to 2012 so far!

It is hard to be let down in a personal relationship, especially if, like me, you have invested a lot and taken 100% responsibility for things working out. Of course the questions arise…what could I have done differently / better / more of?

With any relationship, it’s important to recognise the difference between responsibility and control – there are two people in every relationship, so even if I do take 100% responsibility for my part, the key is its only my part! The other person in the relationship plays a part and they too, have choices to make…and I have no control over that.

However much we would like to believe, because of our own personal development journey, that our beliefs, behaviours and actions can support others, ultimately our personal development is just that…personal. My personal development is helping me to make sense of and reframe disappointments and for that, I am grateful.

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