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The Miracle of Life

Last week I talked about living the dream and I wrote "I am achieving a long held dream and today I am very grateful that a lifetime of seemingly unrelated events has guided me to being right here, right now."

I honestly didn't think, at the time, that anything could surpass the feelings of excitement and awe and amazement that I was experiencing...

...and then along came Edward.

Edward is our grandson, who entered the world in the early hours yesterday morning, 3 weeks earlier than anticipated...6 lbs 8oz of pure perfection and so small - well, so small compared to my two who were 9lbs 13oz and 8lbs 8 oz! Edward actually fits into the 'newborn' range of baby clothes, which is certainly a novelty for me!

I don't know if it is his size or if its because he is my first grandchild, or if its because I am older and allegedly wiser or if it is a combination of everything that has brought me to this time in my life?

Whatever it is, the rush of pure unconditional Love I feel for Edward is overwhelming. Despite having two boys of my own, I just feel wave upon wave of unconditional Love, surging through me uncontrollably at the arrival of our grandchild...and I didn't quite expect to feel like this.

So many friends had said to me how amazing it is to be a grandparent and I know this is something that not everyone gets the chance to experience. And whilst I understood the benefits of being a grandparent - being able to spoil them, give them back etc - I had absolutely no comprehension of the emotional side of it all..and I cannot even claim its the hormones!

Life changed on both the days that my boys were born...and life changed again at 1am on Thursday morning when I was first introduced to my grandson. Life is always precious and I feel so honoured that this little bundle of joy has chosen us as his family.

I promise, Edward, that I will do my very best to support you (and your mummy and daddy), so in time, you, like your beautiful parents, are empowered to be the best you can be in this life.

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