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The Space In Between

Thank goodness it's Friday...

Usually I'm saying that because it has been a full on week and I have snatched brief moments of pause in between a lot of busy-ness.

This week has been very just so happens that the summer holidays are a quieter time for us anyway...lets face it, with no school lunches, homework and timetables to worry about, the summer holidays will always be a quieter time! As well as it being naturally quieter, I had less than usual in the way of specifics on my 'To Do' list.

I'd love to say this is because I have been so efficient, that I have cleared my reality its more about waiting on others to play their part in my projects and due to delays, holidays etc, there were some gaps in my diary this week!

Blissful, you may much time to pause and be and meditate and do all those amazing things I dream about doing WHEN I've got time.

In reality, I did a few things and spent quite a bit of time wondering what to do...starting something then putting it down again; thinking about doing something and then deciding against it...I was bored!

And then I found myself being slightly frustrated because I had this gap to fill and I was struggling to fill it with 'meaningful, relevant tasks'. I was also very aware, future pacing, that in a couple of weeks time, I would be so grateful for this gap and be yearning for it...

So today is Friday, thank goodness - the weekend beckons and suddenly I will find plenty of home related tasks to fill my time. Next weeks diary will probably fill up and perhaps, if it doesn't, I will remember, more quickly, how grateful I am for the space in between and be willing to use it exactly how I choose, rather than beating myself up for not being productive enough!

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