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Things are Changing

A couple of weeks ago I realised I was getting twitchy because our home is now so well organised and structured, with built in storage and furniture, that there is less opportunity to move things around and switch things. With some thought and a bit of creativity, I still found a way to switch some things around and freshen up the style within the house, which has given me a mid year energy boost…!

‘Things are changing’ is the title of the 2017 NLP International Conference Rapport advert I am looking at right now.

I love change, because it does give me the opportunity to tweak things, swap things around and just try out new ideas…and as we have now taken over the NLP Conference, we are in the very privileged position of being able to do this with the event…

Of course, the NLP Conference is not ‘my event’, so we have been very mindful about the desires of others and surveyed the NLP Community about what they want.

This has allowed us to evaluate the conference and preserve what works well, throw out things which seem to be broken and change those things that just need a slight tweak…with respect and love and good intention.

Because most importantly, its about recognising that not everybody feels as comfortable with change as I do…

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