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Time to Stop

I am exhausted…it is only the beginning of March and I am absolutely knackered!

I know we have been working flat out pulling together the NLP Conference, NLP Awards Charity Dinner, Rapport, the new website…and of course I also want to do the best I can as a partner, mother, daughter and friend.

How many of us do this sometimes?

“I’ll just take on one more thing, I believe I am superwoman and I can just push through…it’ll be fine, I can cope, it’s no biggie!”

And because I am superwoman, of course I can meet everyone’s expectations within their timescales…it’s easy!

Today I stopped short – One of the many emails I received contained the line ‘I’m not around next week as I’m having a holiday’ and I found myself thinking, what a great thing to do.

Actually, I think, right now, it’s a necessity. My body is telling me to slow down and my mind is so active, it’s done a full day’s work before I get up! I may have a mountain of things to do right now and, in reality, I’m not doing any of them well, because I’m juggling too many balls.

So I am going to take at least one day off next week…maybe even two – its time to recharge the batteries, pause, slow down, breathe, take the dog for a long walk, listen to music and read a book…or I might even just stare out of the window and breathe! And when I come back to my desk I will be refreshed and will probably tackle that to do list in half the time. I’ll work far more efficiently because I’ve given myself time to pause.

It is so important to have compassion for ourselves as well as everyone around us, don’t you think?

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