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Transition and Transformation

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

My name has always been of significance to me, probably at Identity Level, because changing it has signified some important transitions in my life.

I had my original ‘maiden’ name – the name I was born with, which served me well as a child, growing up in Oxfordshire and moving my way through the education system, graduating from University when I was 21.

I got married when I was 21 and embraced my new name. This served me very well when I was living in Kent and running a successful consultancy business supporting small businesses.

My next change of name came at the same time I moved to London then Hertfordshire and transitioned from running a consultancy business to becoming CEO of ANLP in 2005.

My change of name to Karen Moxom has served me so well as I have grown into that role, published my book, set up my own blog site – I even became Hertfordshire Woman of the Year at the Small Business Awards…so this name has a lot of significance for me in my current role and current home!

So getting married in June created somewhat of a dilemma for me – it appears that, for me, changing my name comes with a certain amount of significant transition, both in terms of which county I live in as well as big career changes…never mind becoming a mum in both these former relationships!

I have, therefore, been going through that interesting paradox which may be experienced by many women when they marry…highlighted further because of the perceived BIG changes that happen to me when I change my name – I’m happy where I live now and I’m happy being CEO of ANLP…and I don’t want any more children! So do I want to make significant changes in these areas by tempting fate and changing my name?

Any interesting dilemma to become curious about…and I have become very curious about this in the weeks leading up to and following my marriage…

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