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Tripping Up

I could quite easily be feeling ‘bad’ for not writing blogs for the past few weeks (until I got my act together again last week). Once upon a time, my inner perfectionist would have had me going back and filling in all the gaps, so I still had the blog a week I committed to writing earlier this year.

I guess with age comes wisdom and perhaps a certain rebellious attitude…its OK to be fallible and human and willing to be seen as ‘less than perfect’. In fact, I get a certain kick out of being less than perfect nowadays, especially because there is far less pressure involved!

It’s an easy compromise to make – would I rather spend another couple of hours filling in the missing weeks of my blog, or hold my hand up, say ‘ooops, I tripped up’…and be grateful for where I am now.

At least I have the opportunity to get back on track, having drifted off it for a little while (probably to check out something shiny!)…

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