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‘Trust’ is the main message of the oracle card I was reading about this morning.

My goodness, as soon as I start to really consider the meaning of the word ‘trust’, all sorts of things run through my head…

Trust that I am on the best path and taking ANLP in the right direction? Trust that the new website will launch on time? Trust that I will know the words to the latest choir song before I have to go on stage? Trust that those who say they will do something, actually do it? Trust that all is well with the world, despite appearances to the contrary?

Trusting the path we are on, the journey we are making and the decisions we take sometimes takes more courage than we realise. I often doubt myself and the choices I make…and for me, doubt is the opposite of trust.

And then I notice what happens when I really trust – in myself, in others and even in the Universe. Life becomes a little easier! When I stop my ego mind trying to control everything in sight and allow myself to trust, things often happen with grace and ease, life flows…and I am much calmer.

Of course, trust isn’t about sitting back and letting things happen to you…it is still about taking some action, as well as being at cause and taking responsibility for our decisions.

And it is also about being open enough to pick up the messages and trusting them – if things are flowing then its probably because I am moving in the right direction for now! If I feel as if I am herding cats and pushing water up hill simultaneously, then maybe the message is that I could be doing something differently!

What message are you going to trust today?

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