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Trusting enough to take a Leap of Faith...

Isn’t that what people do? Daily, weekly, monthly? Take a leap of faith, I mean. However big or small a leap we take, I think we all have the courage to do it…with or without a safety net!

This springs to mind for me this week, because I sometimes find myself questioning my decisions…and then doubting myself! Did I really make the ‘right’ decision about taking on the NLP Conference, or choosing to take Rapport back to being a printed magazine again?

Did I really weigh up all the options properly? Was there something I missed? Should I be doing things differently?

So the doubt creeps in…

And then I remind myself of the reasons I made the decision in the first place…and more importantly, all the other good decisions I have made in the past, especially those I have made in a similar way – by appearing to step of a cliff and just TRUST that I am doing the right thing.

I can analyse and study figures, weigh up ‘pro’s and con’s’, evaluate accounts and assess reports. And sometimes, despite all the head based reasoning, there is an intuitive, heart and gut led feeling that leads me to make a decision. And that is when I have to trust myself the most…and then keep trusting that whatever happens, it will come right in the end.

Yes, I make mistakes…And I trust that as long as I leap with awareness, then perhaps it is exactly what has to be done to step up to the next level…it seems to work for me anyway!

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