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Unfinished Busyness

I've just sat down at my desk and had a look at the pile of things I have put to one side this week - work I started but didn't quite allow enough time to finish. You probably know about those things:

- the task that grew bigger than anticipated

- the job that became more complex than originally expected

- the piece that required input from others, so had to be parked

- the focused work that became less focused as a few blind alleys were visited along the way get the gist!

The great thing is, I did get some other things done - those that weren't even on my list at the beginning of the week! Those jobs that other people wanted done, those things that caught my attention and looked quite interesting and of course, those little 'just' jobs - you know the ones that are 'just going to take a minute so I may as well do it now'!

The thing is, it's now Friday and I am wondering what to do with the pile that is still on my desk. I contemplate what things I have to get done today, because otherwise I'm holding up other people or delaying a project or pushing a deadline...I wonder which things I can move to next week (which is already busy) just to ease the pressure today.

I am seriously thinking that with the number of things I HAVE to do today, I really need to cancel my art class this remember, the one I signed up for back in the summer, when I had an empty diary and I felt I had enough capacity to take on all these great, creative, 'me time' projects...Thank goodness I didn't sign up for the MBA!!

Anyway, to paint or not to paint, that is the question.

I am sure there is a solution where I can get the essential things done today, postpone the less essential things without impacting too much on next week AND get to my art class this afternoon...I have no idea what that solution is...yet so I guess I need to trust that the next step will be made clearer.

So, maybe I'll just take the dog for a walk now, to clear my head and give myself some space to let the solution for unfinished busyness drop in...

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