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Walking Away?

It is the time of year when we are focused on new beginnings, fresh starts, bold resolutions. And as we focus on these things, it becomes apparent, to me anyway, that there are also things to let go of, leave behind and walk away from.

How do we know when to walk away? How do we know when the time is right, the options have been exhausted and something we may have wanted is not going to happen...well, certainly not in the way we hoped, anyway.

I ask these questions because it is what I am noticing right now. As I re-evaluate projects and progress from a business perspective, I find myself wondering "When do we stop?"

When do we stop investing resources in a project that is not panning out as we hoped? When do we stop 'throwing good money after bad' in the hope that something will come right?

And from a personal perspective, I ask the same thing - When do I stop hoping that mindsets will change? When do I stop wasting my valuable resources and let go of something I think I want?

It is rumoured that when Edison was inventing the light bulb, he gave it 10,000 attempts before one worked! It may have been more than that...or less. Who knows?

The fact is he kept on trying until it worked - how did he know to do that?

I was in a meeting yesterday and we were evaluating our progress...whilst we have made loads of progress, we still don't know how near the finish line we are, because the goalposts, which we are not under our control, are invisible and keep changing!

And we reminded ourselves of Edison - what if we are on the 9,999th light bulb? What if that little extra effort is going to be the difference that makes the difference?

And still I ask - Edison kept on trying until it worked - how did he know to do that?

Maybe he just listened to his heart and kept taking another small step...and another...and another, holding on to the belief that he would get day.

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