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What Brings You Joy?

Now there’s a question!

I’m reading John and Karen’s book, ‘Time Mastery’ (brilliant book, by the way) and early in the book, they talk about the ‘Joy of Purchase’ test…in other words, ‘how much joy does this bring you?’

In this context, they are using the measure of joy to evaluate whether or not something is a ‘good’ buy…and joy levels can be applied in many different contexts, don’t you think?

The question of joy certainly got me thinking, this week, about how could I become more discerning by asking myself ‘does this bring me joy?’

Of course, in an ideal world, I would only ever do things, buy things and be with people who bring me joy…reality is a little different!

Yet there is something to be said from holding this question in my mind, especially when I do have to evaluate or make choices.

It could also be a good idea to aim for at least one action, every day, which brings me joy…

What one thing could you do today that brings you joy?

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