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What is enough?

I 'speeded up' a bit of my yoga practice this morning, because I wanted to squeeze in an extra bit of meditation/personal reflection during my reflective morning time.

I then found myself challenging whether or not I had done ‘enough’ yoga…and then wondered what, exactly, does ‘enough’ look like?

I have been watching Masterchef (I am not a good cook, by any stretch of the imagination!). I am learning that it is possible to have enough ingredients to make a really good dish, and its equally possible to add too many ingredients or attempt to demonstrate too many techniques in one meal.

How many times, I wonder, do we push ourselves to ‘do’ a bit more, tweek a little something just one more time or add just one more thing to make ‘it’ even better? And then we end up actually doing too much…

So what is ‘enough’? How do we know when we have done ‘enough’ to satisfy our tribe and our beloveds? How do we know when we have enough to satisfy our own needs, wants and desires?

I suspect my desire to deliver ‘enough’ often means

  • I procrastinate and end up shelving another grand idea because I feel it is not enough, or

  • I put so much effort into something that it ends up taking all my time and effort (to the detriment of other things)…and the end result is way more than anyone was expecting or even wanted!

So I am going to practice ‘enoughness’ and reign in my desire to ‘do’ a bit more…starting with posting this blog now, rather than spending another half hour tweeking and editing it…DEEP BREATH…

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