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What is Mine to Do?

My very wise coach mentor, Melissa, suggested I ask myself this question, when I expressed a feeling of overwhelm, because I had a few deadlines to meet this week and was struggling to meet them all!

What is mine to do?

I found this question working as an amazing and simple filter, sifting out all the rubbish and distractions and things I felt ‘obliged’ to do because they were important to other people!

So often, I find my self wanting to ‘do it all’, relieve the pressure on others, alleviate their stress when actually, it is often much better to work on exactly what is mine to do and leave the others to play their part.

So now it is Friday, I reckon I will meet all the deadlines this week, without working until midnight (!) because I have paused regularly and checked in with myself…what is mine to do?

Even more gratifying is I have squeezed in some extra tasks along the way, probably because I was more focused, using the question to raise my awareness and gently bring myself back to the task in hand.

I wonder what you could accomplish today, simply by focusing on what is yours to do?

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