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What is Perfection

As part of my morning practices, I often draw in my journal…a picture paints a thousand words as they say!

Two or three times this week, I’ve looked at the very imperfect circles or shapes I have drawn and wanted to ‘correct’ them in some way. ‘Call that a circle, it looks more like a chicken egg’ and other equally critical phrases run through my mind.

I have an inner mean girl ‘comparison queen’, who pops out on occasions like this, to compare my attempts at art with those of my graphic recorder friends…and funnily enough, when she compares my art with theirs, mine is pretty rubbish!

That isn’t really a fair comparison though, because I’m not a graphic recorder or artist, I just like to draw sometimes!

So my challenge this week has been to leave those ‘perfect imperfections’ alone…no corrections or ripping pages out of my journal and starting again…just acceptance of what is. However it turns out, it is my creation and even if my intention was to create a Monet, whatever I create is perfect…for me…in this moment.

And whilst that has been a struggle at times, it has also been very liberating and certainly saved me a lot of time! What is more, I find myself drawing more because I am enjoying it more…and I am willing to accept what I have done, even with it’s ‘perfect imperfections’…

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