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What's in a Name...

Tradition suggests taking the name of your husband when you marry. Many women nowadays keep their name… Does this have to be an ‘either/or’ paradox? Could I do ‘both/and’…in other words, keep my former name for business purposes and have my married name for personal stuff?

The additional challenge was that both my former name and my potential married name came with less than helpful anchors, relating to ex partners on both sides.

So the first decision that we made, months before we married, was to take a whole new surname for ourselves, which symbolises our Love, our fresh start and our lives together, whilst still honouring our children by holding their surnames sacred for them! How progressive is that…and how lucky am I to have a husband so willing to do this. So on our wedding day, we became Mr and Mrs Falconer:

…the Falconer representing the person who nurtures and is witness to freedom, release, the spirit of flight, of soaring, beauty and joy…

My next question was ‘where do I use my new name?’

My initial intention was to keep my married name for my personal life and keep Karen Moxom for all things business related – after all, my book was published in the name of Karen Moxom; I have built up some sort of reputation as Karen Moxom AND my blog website was karenmoxom dot com…so there are good reasons for sticking with ‘Moxom’, at least for business purposes…it seemed easier, and as I said last week, I don’t actually want to make any BIG changes to my career or where I live…so why tempt fate, so to speak!!

And you know how I mentioned the RAS the other week - the Reticular Activating System that gets triggered when we focus on something specific…so I became very aware of two friends in particular, both of whom have changed their name recently and fully embraced their new name, despite being professionals who have already got good business reputations with their former name…

And as I became more curious, I realised that changing my name and embracing my new name wholeheartedly is significant because I have transitioned again – I am now Mrs Karen Falconer and that brings with it a new strong foundation of Love and support from which to fly.

Being willing to fly and take risk is part of who I am…

So what if my book is in the name of Karen Moxom – I can republish. As for the website…well, my friend and colleague, Gemma has set up this new blog site – which is perfect timing, seeing as so many people have been experiencing challenges with accessing the current site!

So welcome to my new blog/play space and let’s continue journeying together as life as Mrs Karen Falconer unfolds…

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