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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…or can you?

I was reading “Loveability” by Robert Holden this morning, mainly because we are about to include an author interview in Rapport, and I was attracted to the book after reading the interview! “Love is your spiritual DNA” he writes…and I am willing to believe that now – I would have shuddered at this statement 30 years ago because my degree is in Genetics, and I was still struggling with the paradox of mixing science and spirituality.

Luckily, I am learning that with age comes wisdom, and also a willingness to be more open minded and an ability to cope with life’s paradoxes!

Loveability is a great read and certainly a concept which is relatively new to me, even though I am approaching 50 (all too rapidly)! Thankfully, I don’t buy into the cliche ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ and I am very willing to learn as much as I can about Love. I decided at the start of this year that 2013 was going to be the year I learned the art of loving myself and putting myself back into the equation of my life…and one is never too old to learn that particular lesson!

Boy, am I enjoying this journey. I’m working my way, slowly and deliberately, through ‘Madly in Love with Me’ (Christine Arylo), an incredibly enlightening book about self love; and I have also absorbed Loveability, Spirit Junkie (Gabriella Bernstein) and Fearless Living (Rhonda Britten) along the way.

I was so worried about reaching 50, mainly because my Dad died in his 50s and I realised I had been assuming I would do the same. This belief stopped working for me earlier this year, especially when I realised I could no longer run my 10 year forward plan and see it through.

Thankfully, women in my family seem to reach a ripe old age, so I have adjusted my belief and am now content knowing that I may, soon, be reaching the half way point in my life – and seeing as this life is filled with Love rather than fear, that’s good enough for me.

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