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You'll Cope

This is probably one of the most challenging posts I have ever written. Why? Because those words, said to me recently by my mum, triggered me and ripped through me to my very core.

Of course she is right. Whatever comes my way, I will cope - I have always coped because I have always had to...being the eldest child, it was an expectation. I was often reminded that I was 'old enough to know better'...even when I was three! I am sure there are many 'eldest' children who have experienced those same expectations in their lives.

So, what did we learn...

Resilience is one of the attributes I mastered at an early age...and I will forever be grateful to my mum for that. Resilience has played a large part in getting me to where I am today - I know how to cope with the downs in life. I know how to pick myself up when I fall...or when I trip because I'm distracted by something shiny!

Self reliance is one of the other great attributes that came from my mum's belief that I could cope. As a result, I take 100% responsibility for my life...because nobody else is ever going to! Yes, that does make me fiercely independent on occasions and also less willing to receive help and support when its offered - which can be a challenge to those around me. Believe me, my husband, Kash does have his work cut out sometimes!

Taking 100% responsibility for oneself and one's life is one of the core basics taught right at the start of all good NLP courses. To be honest, NLP as a personal development tool is pretty much all about taking responsibility for oneself. After all, whilst others might influence me, ultimately, I choose how to behave, react, think and feel in every situation.

...And for these lessons in life, I am eternally grateful.

Of course, I am human - I forget my NLP training and life lessons and I do slip up...often. And when I do, I now know how to reach out to those who can remind me of all the resources I have available to me...because despite the resilience and the self reliance, it is sometimes easier to cope with the support and love of others (and you know who you are, my friends) xx

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