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Another Blank Canvas

Oh dear…I find myself staring at the blank page again today, wondering what to write. In fact, I got halfway down the page and then deleted it all, thus taking myself back to the blank canvas.

I sometimes worry when I stare at a blank page – once upon a time, I believed having a blank canvas to fill was quite daunting. What could I say? What could I create that may be of some interest to at least one person?

No pressure then…

Only last week, the luxury of having a blank canvas took on a whole new meaning…I stared at my journal and had no idea what to draw – I made the decision a while ago that I could draw, rather than write, in my journal…a picture paints a thousand words ‘n’ all that.

Recently, it has meant that my journal has stayed rather bare, because no pictures have come to mind, or I haven’t been able to reproduce the pictures in my head.

So as I stared at the blank page last week, it dawned on me to just let go and do something joyful. Inspired by my friend, Mel, who creates the most beautiful pen pictures, I thought I would do the same – rather than trying to poorly reproduce the images in my head, why not just let the pen flow and see what transpires.

So I did just that…and lost myself in creative play for at least half an hour – I forgot about time, work challenges, life issues, ‘to do’ lists and enjoyed real peace…just doodling!

…and since then, I have found myself sneaking an extra 15 minutes here and there, just to let go of life for a while and doodle…it is so liberating! My doodles are far from perfect and yet they bring me a real sense of pleasure…

What could you do this weekend to give yourself the luxury of space and time and just play? Do something that brings you joy and pleasure…

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