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Clutter Clearing

In November 2015, I wrote a blog about being ready for Love…and weeks later, I met Kash…for real, in person and completely by accident in an unexpected way!

Of course, I ‘did’ all the ‘right’ things to manifest the Love of my life during the 6 years I was on my own – I could probably write a book about the interesting dynamics of online dating!

I could certainly write a book about the joys of being on my own, because I really did enjoy those years, finding myself and identifying with who I really am in my life.

And, as I mentioned last week, both Kash and I had completely let go of the need to be in a relationship, just hours before we met! We both independently decided, on New Year’s Eve 2015, that we were actually happy with ourselves and by ourselves and there was no need to have that special person in our lives…

Funny how the Universe then turns round and delivers.

So here I am, less than a week away from marrying the Love of my life and ready to embark on a new chapter…journeying through life with my soul partner (and husband to be), totally in Love with Kash as well as myself…and hugely grateful to the Universe for deciding to deliver the man of my dreams, once I had let go of ‘needing’ him in my life!

I cannot promise that letting go works for everyone…although Feng Shui beliefs would suggest that things often need to be cleared out to make way for something new to come in. To be honest, I always thought they were referring to clutter clearing the rubbish in my cupboards…and I guess clutter clearing comes in many different forms!

I will be taking a week off next week, so I can focus on our beautiful wedding and spending time with my new husband, our boys (4 between us) and our very closest friends.

See you in July xx

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