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Empty and Listen

My greatest intention, right now, is to empty and listen so I can feel my way into 2017.

I know, this goes against the traditional way of setting resolutions for the new year…and it certainly takes the pressure off…but only if I can continue to choose my way of doing things, rather than bowing to conventional wisdom and the pressure to conform.

I don’t have any new year resolutions – I used to make them every year by 1st January. I would then hold myself to account all year in my drive to get all those goals achieved…and then I’d be collapsing by December, ready to do it all again by 1st January.

Conventional wisdom may dictate this is what we have to do at this time of year. And what does nature have to say about such things? Do we see all plants, shrubs and trees forcing themselves to start their new growth cycle on 1st January. Do the animals come out in force to start their annual life cycle?

No, its hibernation time for many things in nature – its dark in the mornings and in the evenings; it’s cold, wet and windy (and we even have a smattering of snow on the ground today). Nature has pressed the ‘pause’ button…what on earth would suggest we should be ‘hitting the ground running’ on 1st January, with all our intentions, goals and desires set and ready to action?

So I AM still feeling my way in to 2017. I am quiet, I am listening for those gems of wisdom to surface over the next few days…and when it feels right to emerge and start nurturing my desires for 2017, I will…but not this week!

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