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Empty Nest Syndrome?

Having talked about offspring flying last week, one could assume I'd be experiencing 'empty nest syndrome' this this precise moment, I wish I had the time!

Of course, I am missing Daniel...even the innocuous things like the daily question 'What's for dinner?'...usually followed by 'When is dinner?' Perhaps I could be asking him that now, to reassure myself that he is eating properly!

In a synchronous and gracious flow, we handed Daniel over to Derby University on Sunday and I took over as Chair of Trustees (Governors) at his school on Monday! I appear to have hit the ground running...mainly in the opposite direction, as its far more challenging than I realised!

Maybe the Universe is looking after me by filling my days with so much stuff. It is certainly conspiring to fill my days with a lot of interesting and varied challenges, both Trustee related and work related.

My weakness, as well as my strength, is that I do like to do any job to the best of my ability...don't we all?

So even though my alarm now goes off at 4.30am daily, in order to snatch a bit more time to get to grips with it all, at the moment I do feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. The solution, to ease my desire to do the best I can, was to sign up for a number of Governor Training Courses this morning.

So yes, of course I miss Daniel and I am compensating by cramming as much into my day as that when I eventually pause and notice the hole he has left, I will be so relieved to have a bit of time to myself, that it won't be such a big hole after all!

And the real benefit is that at least I will have got a LOT of things done in the meantime!!!

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