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Expect the Unexpected

My son’s favourite phrase at the moment is ‘Expect the Unexpected’…

Today we are waking up to a ‘hung parliament’, a far cry from what was expected when a ‘snap’ general election was called.

Then again, nobody really expected us to vote to leave the EU last June…nobody really expected Donald Trump to become President of the United States…

Repeating patterns!

Funnily enough, we were faced with a similar situation earlier this year, when a democratic vote in our community didn’t go ‘as expected’. We faced outcry from various sections of the community, alongside expectations that the vote would be reversed or discounted or simply ignored.

That is not what living in a democracy is all about – we are given a vote and the freedom to use that vote as we wish.

If we are going to toss everything in the air, flip a coin, throw things open to chance, then it may not turn out as we expected or indeed hoped…that is often the risk we take to create change!

So, if we do expect the unexpected, whatever our circumstances, we can more easily accept are where we are in the moment and work with what we have – that is the real skill!

The card I pulled today seems to be very fitting:

“No matter how chaotic the appearance of the circumstances in your life, if you take the time and energy to still yourself, you become a transmitter of harmony, even if it just means accepting what is.”

Perhaps this is what is required now – rather than buying into the media frenzy, calls for resignations and more drama, what would happen if we were to pause for a moment, be still and accept that collectively, we have created our reality, so now it is time to work with what we have created.

Something I intend to apply more often in my life in future, not just today!

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