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Forcing or Flowing...

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Do you ever find yourself willing things to happen…or needing things to happen in a certain time frame, perhaps because you have a deadline to meet?

I can sometimes find myself in that very place, where I may be staring at a blank piece of paper, forcing a spark of an idea to come so I can write my editorial for Rapport…or searching for inspiration to create something…dinner, my blog or even the shopping list.

And at other times, usually when I pause for long enough to create some space, both in my mind and in my life, the ideas and inspiration just flow…

I know I mention it often, but we do underestimate the power of the pause! The more we have to ‘do’, the less time we give ourselves to breathe and allow things to flow. Of course, in flow, the very things on our ‘to do’ list get done far more quickly and easily…a real catch 22 in this very busy lifestyle we often create for ourselves.

Even though my mind tends to be ‘active’ during my yoga practice, it does wander…and it is often when I resolve something, or become inspired with that illusive idea…active meditation as my friend Carol calls it.

So I encourage you to pause, even if only for a moment, and give yourself some time to flow…

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