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Gratitude Diary

I was given a beautiful 100 day Gratitude Journal for Christmas - I have no idea who sent it to me because it came via the post and there was no label attached. This means I was unable to personally thank the kind soul who thought of me and decided I would enjoy this in the vain hope that they might read this - THANK YOU for my lovely and thoughtful gift.

I find it is so important to express gratitude every day because it completely changes my outlook on my day...easy to say, of course, when sitting in a warm home, with food on the table, Love in my life, wonderful children and valued friendships.

And that is the point!

I don't have millions in the bank...actually, I don't even have thousands in the bank. I don't have any pensions in place, my mortgage won't be paid off until I'm 70 (bearing in mind I had to start again after getting divorced) and at this precise moment, the only way I can even consider retiring one day is if I win the lottery! I have a teenager who is finding A levels less than easy, I have too many demands on my time, I struggle to focus and get my 'to do' list into a manageable state and like so many people, there are not enough hours in my day to satisfy everyone else's needs, let alone my own!

Sometimes, I do struggle to find enough things to put in my gratitude diary - when I find myself being grateful for my slippers 'because they keep my feet warm', or the sun 'for coming out today (which it does every day!), I do question whether I am finding enough 'proper' things to be grateful for!

Yet the simple act of being grateful, even for slippers and sunshine, allows me to pause and think and shift my thinking so I can start each day positively. I had let my gratitude list slip before Christmas (general busyness being the excuse) so I am truly grateful for a proper diary to use every day as part of my daily practice.

I wonder what you can find to be grateful for today?

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