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Having Your Cake...

Yes, this last two weeks really has proved to me that it is possible to 'Have your cake and eat it'...literally as well as metaphorically.

Daniel's Opera Cake was awesome, amazing, delicious, heavenly... as you can see from the image, it was quite intricate to make, took him hours and I am so grateful that he was thoughtful enough to make it 'free from' so I could eat it too.

I really enjoyed the whole 'ambitious baking day' experience AND I definitely enjoyed the cake. Dan has suggested that next time, we double the recipe so there is more of it...I'm just very glad he wants to make it again!

After our 'time off' (not in the States!), I am still 'doing' the gym three times a week and now balancing the pilates classes with work, Nonna time, school Trustee duties and life in general...whilst there never quite seem to be enough hours in the day, having a better 'work life' balance is making a noticeable difference.

I know, when I get drawn to my desk in the very early hours, that it is too easy to get absorbed by the lure of the workload, the never ending 'to do' lists and the challenge of actually completing some tasks before the end of the day. I do feel that taking an hour out to go to Pilates could become a luxury rather than a necessity, when there is 'just one more thing' to do.

And yet even after only 3 weeks, I can feel the difference in my mind as well as my body - I feel more motivated, more energised and better equipped to deal with my day, even when it is not always practical to take a break.

The challenge now is to maintain the balance so I can continue to have my cake and eat it!

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