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I Just Don't Know...

Words spoken earlier this week by my very good friend...and words that echo where I sit a lot of the time right now!

There seem to be so many situations where I just don't know...we just don't know!

As a School Governor (or Trustee as we're now known), we are being presented with a challenging decision and to be honest, we just don't know what might happen if we 'do'...and what might happen if we 'don't'!

As residents of the UK, we have got past the BREXIT decision to 'do' or 'don't'...and yet, we just don't know what is going to happen next Spring, when the two year deadline is up and we actually leave the EU.

Each year, when I sign on the dotted line for the conference venue, I just don't know whether people will turn up or whether I have just taken a huge financial risk!

Having just done the first University visit with Daniel, we just don't know so many things about his potential next steps after sixth form!

We deal with unknowns every day of the week - What is the weather going to be like today - do I wear shorts or ski trousers? What am I going to find in my In Box when I turn my computer on? Will anybody turn up for our Open Forum meeting?

Indeed, did I know what it would be like to be a mum? Or a CEO? or a wife? Do I know what it will be like to be a grandma...?

And so I have had to become friends with 'I just don't know' because it makes my life easier and certainly less stressful! Not knowing can be re-framed in so many ways, including...

"Stepping into the unknown can be such a great adventure".

"Wouldn't life be boring if it was all mapped out from start to finish".

As long as I know the one next step - the one thing I could do to help me move forward in some way, then that is good enough...

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