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It's Not Time...Yet

I was talking with my very wise friend, Melissa, a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned how challenging I was finding it to move forward with a couple of particular projects.

I spoke about how it seemed that everything I tried to do was blocked in some way – I was getting stuck, I was becoming distracted and I had to keep putting things down to focus on other, seemingly more important tasks that materialised!

And then Melissa said “Maybe it’s just not time…yet“.

Those words stopped me in my tracks.

I felt I was ready to come out of hibernation and push forward with new ideas and plans…what if I was peaking too soon, pushing instead of flowing?

Spring Equinox was still two weeks away at the time – the garden was still resting, even though the daffodils had pushed through and were making a concerted effort to look springlike…it wasn’t time for Mother Nature to bust forth with all the new buds and growth.

And Mother Nature knows, you know – last weekend it snowed again (which is pretty unusual for England in mid March!)…the brave daffodils started to bend under the weight of the snow and struggled to stay upright in the strong winds.

Yet by Spring Equinox on Tuesday, the snow had disappeared and the sun put in an appearance – I even went out without a coat, hat, gloves and a scarf earlier this week…and boy, did that feel good after a few months of being huddled up in winter layers!

As for the projects that were getting stuck…well, I chose not to push those as well…it just wasn’t time and in hindsight, there were very valid reasons for those things coming to a halt when they did.

Two weeks on, I have a much better sense of where those projects are going and when to start flowing again…it just wasn’t time then and it will be very soon…because Mother nature knows, you know!

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