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Less is More

I set an intention every moon, and this time around, my intention was "to embody simplicity and harmony by clarifying and aligning my physical, work and spiritual practices so I create a more balanced and satisfying life".

Having focused my intention and 'put it out there', things started falling into place, much more rapidly and synchronously than they often do!

I started listening to a great book on my morning dog walks, 'Essentialism' by Greg McKeown. Simultaneously, I started a short, 6 week course called the 'Peak Performance Formula' by Ron Friedman - ironically I was two weeks late starting this because I didn't initially have time to watch the 15 minute daily video!!

Then a great project management tool fell into my lap, followed closely by another book recommendation...and another!

What with the Russell Watson shows, the early arrival of our beautiful grandson and University open day visits on top of my usual focus areas, I could quite easily have followed my old pattern of overwhelm due to the sheer number of opportunities coming my way and all vying for my attention.

But something else happened entirely...I made space in my day to listen to the book and watch the videos and low and behold, there were some real gems of information in both.

Essentially, they advocate the adage 'less is more' and they definitely support the principles of balancing time and energy more effectively, playing to one's natural advantages!

Yes, yes... I know all this stuff - I have been reading about these things for years. I generally follow their advice for a couple of days and then life gets in the way and all good intentions disappear.

Two weeks in and I'm still going strong - I'm following the book, I've caught up with the video course, I've taken time to implement the project management tool AND I've read one and a half of the additional books...I'm getting more done by being more discerning, managing my energy and time more effectively and really adopting the principles.

So I guess, as well as adopting the 'less is more' approach to life, I'm also proof that maybe 'an old dog can be taught new tricks' and 'its never too late to learn'...! Got to love a cliche!

So I'm curious - where could you apply the 'less is more' approach to your life today?

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